Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bakers Showcase

It is one of life's profound lies that every girl's dream is to find her Prince Charming. No, thank you very much. It is actually to eat without getting fat. Period.
And to put the theory to test, a friend and I headed to The Bakers' Showcase this past weekend. Yes, we are connoisseurs of all the finer things in life, gourmets who appreciate the melt in your mouth texture of the purple velvet grape mousse, the delicately balanced sweet and sour of the blueberry cheesecake ice cream, the crunch of the Oreo cupcake alongside the finely milled chocolate.
Erm.., hyperbole much? Actually it was a lazy Saturday with hours to kill and we were ravenous by the afternoon. But well, travelling across the city in Bangalore traffic and Bangalore sun does count for something now, doesn't it?
Anyhoo, we headed to the Builder's Club at NGV and the first sights weren't impressive. A small-ish hall with a bunch of stands. This doesn't seem like much, we said to ourselves. But man, were we wrong! I swear, if I die, this is how my heaven would be like. Trays after trays of the prettiest and yummiest little treats. How do you manage to look so pretty and so be so yummy at the same time, O Rocky Road Cupcake? And you, dear red velvet cupcake, how can I never have enough of you? And how can I crave more of your sticky sweetness Raspberry Roulande?
Here, have a visual treat yourself. The pictures don't even start to do justice to the amazingness of these treats. But ask my tummy, it knows and my heart, aah... it truly knows!
Yes, I hogged, and some more. God bless that Sini Oommen for having the good sense to bring along some Shepherd's Pie. It was a blessing in the midst of all that sinful sweetness.
And when you are in confectionery heaven, calories don't count. 

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