Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why do I blog?

I've been one of those people who were bitten by the social media bug early on. From the days of Orkut (remember? Now even Google is suggesting I change it to Irkutsk!), I was hooked to tweeting and blogging. I've had a few blogs earlier, writing on anything that caught my fancy. A news article that enraged me, a post reminiscing the good old days, a crazy idea I came up with after a coked up night, they were all there. All there until last year. Last year I decided to clean up my act, deleted some age old blogs, wiped out URLs I was eating up and basically tried to improve my cyber presence. It was a little hard to give up a few of them, with encouraging followers and dedicated fans but I knew I had to. The randomness was doing me no good and I'd always put off writing to when I'd get my next big inspiration which would come, inspire and fizz out. It was unjust to the amazing people who egged me to write. I knew I had to have a dedicated motivation source to write regularly. To my credit, I still have the same twitter handle.

Well, if you know me, you'd know I am addicted to three things, the internet, cosmetics and books; and not in that particular order. And then it hit me, what if I combine my two greatest loves, makeup and writing? And thus the idea of beauty blogging was born. I buy a tonne of stuff, love half, throw away the other half. Why not catalog the experiences and share the joys of getting dressed up? As a girl and even today as the little girl at heart, every women loves to doll up, for herself and for someone special. While I wait for my knight in shining armor, I am playing dress up so that I am all pretty-ed up when he finally finds his way around. Well that's that. I love writing and I love wearing makeup. I combined the two and decided to write about makeup. Win win :)

Why this post, you may ask. Well, I was meaning to write something similar and  then I read Nisha's post on her blog Spusht. That's when I decided to write my own Why I Blog post. While you are here, do check out her blog too. She writes about a plethora of stuff and what really draws me to her blog is how innocently she writes and how warmly she welcomes us into her life. Do give a shout-out to her :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Miss Enchanted's Giveaway

Valentine's day is looming lovelies and Divya from Miss Enchanted is spreading the love this season with an Etude House Lipstick giveaway. I loved the shades she's got and trust me, your Valentine will not be able to resist those puckered up and prettied lips this V-Day. So I'll offer you this caution before you enter her giveaway, be ready for some action from the 'special someone' ;)

Crazy Pop Lock's super cute Giveaway

It's raining Giveaways! No seriously! The Gods are definitely teaming up with our most loved beauty bloggers and turning them most benevolent. Just when I thought these deals couldn't get any sweeter, there came Bharti with her super cute giveaway.
Long have us girls been considered arm-candy. About time we got some of our own. Here's your chance to win a yummy bag from ASOS. How often have we sighed over stuff from ASOS and stuff with bows? Well this one combines the best of both. Yes, a bow bag from ASOS. Don't you love Bharti for this truly cute giveaway? Go, 'bag' it now, right here! *Pun Intended* ;)

Dr. Poison Ivy's International Giveaway

Another 'Doctor' in the beauty blogging circles is Dr. Poison Ivy or Dr. Philazaman. It was her birthday recently and she is celebrating it with her readers via an international giveaway. If you don't take my word for how massive it is, see it for yourself here!

Beauty Traveller's Gorgeous Giveaway

Hi Gorgeous ladies,

Here is something that will add to the joys of the season, a superb giveaway by Dr. Neeraj Navare on his blog Beauty Traveller.
He is well known in beauty blogging circles for his detailed posts and fantastic EOTDs. We all affectionately call him 'Doc' :) Although this giveaway celebrates the New year, he has dedicated it to his dad who passed away in Jan 2012 and Nirbhaya. What a truly heart warming gesture.
And mind you, this is no ordinary giveaway, the prizes are ah-may-zing!! There are goodies from Guerlain, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Laura Mercier and the works! What are you waiting for? Head over there now!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Corallista celebrates it's Second Anniversary

Corallista has been one of the best beauty blogs on the Indian scene. Ankita, the owner/writer is much adored for her fab and regular reviews and updates. Infact, is one of my most visited sites and hence a permanent fixture on my Chrome homepage :)
Corallista is turning TWO and Ankita is celebrating it with her loyal fans with a super duper giveaway. What are you waiting for? Go check it out here NOW!!