Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4

Clinique, as a brand, has always intrigued me. Their dazzlingly bright facade, shop assistants dressed in starched white coats, their clinical display of products and that smell that's so typical to Clinique. It could well be intimidating to some! Thankfully, the first time I entered their store at the Oasis Mall in Bangalore, I was quickly put at ease. The SA Pandu deserves a special mention. He was genuinely warm and helpful.After he asked me some questions about my skin and skin care routine, he filled out my questionnaire and identified products he said would help improve my skin. Although he picked out a bunch of exorbitant stuff, he was also considerate enough to suggest that I start with their patented 3-step products seeing me get overwhelmed! These were available in smaller starter kits. I picked up the No.3 one for combination skin. Pandu was sweet enough to invite me to the Clinique skincare brunch later that week which I unfortunately didn't attend. Cut to the chase, I really liked the products I had picked up and got them in full size.

This Clinique toner however is the no. 4, for oily skin. I really like this toner. It smells mildly medicated and has a gorgeous pale blue color. (Though I liked the purple color of the No.3 toner better)
I have been using this toner for more that 3 months now, twice a day and still have half a bottle left! It is recommended to be used with a cotton pad in gentle but firm strokes.

I wouldn't say it has dramatically changed my skin but yes, I can notice my pores getting smaller/tighter and my breakouts are fewer. I also use it near the eye as a final step to my cleansing routine. It stings if it enter the eye but does a fine job of removing residual kohl etc!
The bottle comes with a screw on mint colored cap and whilst it doesn't screw to a terribly tight fit, it is snug enough to be safe for travel.

This toner is part of their three step process. To get the best out of it, it is highly recommended that you use the cleanser and moisturizer from the same range. I used to use them and really did like them both too. However, my skin is breaking out now and I have currently shifted to the tried and tested Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizing lotion at the moment since they are medicated.

It's pricey at Rs. 1400 for a 200ml bottle but it will last you at least 5 months of liberal usage. It is not available online and I would strongly recommend getting a skin analysis done at a Clinique store before you pick one up. Unfortunately, Clinique retails only in select cities.
If you still don't believe that a toner is important in your skincare routine, this one might change your mind.

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